Tigernut information

Thank you for purchasing tigernuts/organic tigernut flour from Pantry Innovations. As they are new to Australian consumers we wanted to give you some helpful hints about their consumption and use.

Tiger nuts are the worlds number one source of resistant starch or non-soluble fibre, this is what the good bacteria in your gut feed on so they are really good for you. Many of us however have low fibre diets so having too much too soon could leave you with a sore tummy or diarrhoea.

Start slow three or 4 a day at first and build up to about 20 over a couple of weeks.

Have them straight from the pack dehydrated or soak them in water overnight to rehydrate them, this changes their texture and it’s just a matter of choice which way you prefer them.

We have toasted them in the oven with maple syrup or salt and rosemary, much like you would macadamias or almonds.

Buzz them in a food processor and place into a muesli. They can also be used to make a tigernut milk, which has a natural sweetness.

Check online for Tigernut Flour recipes, the flour makes an ideal replacement for recipes that require almond meal and can be substituted one for one. The flour has a slight grittiness which is just how it is; sift twice to get some of this grittiness out.

Steve and Jennie