Pre-Biotic Apricot Paleo Balls

These awesome little sweet snacks use Tigernut Flour (one of the worlds richest sources of resistant starch) which feeds our good gut biota. The dried organic sulphite free apricots work well with the natural sweetness of the Tigernut flour to create a lovely paleo treat that is also good for you! They are also so easy to make.


100g Organic Sulphite Free Dried Apricots

100g Organic Tigernut Flour

50g Desiccated coconut

20g Coconut Oil

60g Honey


Sift the Tigernut Flour twice (It has a natural grittiness and sifting removes a bit of this)

Place all the ingredients into a Thermomix or Food Processor and mix till fully combined.

Remove the mix and by hand roll small balls, should make around 2 dozen bite sized snacks.

Finally roll the balls in some extra coconut if you desire for presentation.

Enjoy with friends and family!